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Sunday, November 03, 2002
Did I miss something?

Mickey Kaus brings us this gem in his lastest blog entry: "If [Gary Hart had] just been a blatant, leering cheater, like Clinton -- well, that's a type we know and can deal with. But he wasn't -- which is why the fact that he's still married to his wife Lee, rather than cleansing him of the taint of the Donna Rice scandal, somehow makes him seem creepier. Why couldn't he get divorced like a normal politician?"

Mickey... I gotta tell you... you may call him a "blatant, leering cheater" (whatever), but your comparison by difference just doesn't work. President Clinton is still married.

And, I should add, for all I know, and for all you know Mickey, and for all the people reading this know, President and Senator Clinton are very happily married.

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