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Saturday, November 23, 2002
Well, no

Andrew Sullivan's blog has a quite workaday Paul-Krugman-is-bad piece. Krugman wrote about nepotism and, surpizingly(!), found that liberals like Krugman are bad. He writes about Krugman that "Every example of nepotism he gives is Republican or conservative, implying a seamless connnection between family favors and his increasingly unhinged idea that America is now in the grip of a brutal plutocracy," and he wonders where the Kennedy and Pelosi families were in Krugman's analysis. Well, geez Mr. Sullivan, I read Krugman's piece too, and, cripes, where was the Bush family? Krugman doesn't mention them, either.

Could it be that the Kennedys, the Pelosis, and the Bushes were *elected* (except, of course, the ones who lost election). That's why they were absent. Perhaps Krugman was focusing on the fact that the pork given to the families Krugman discussed was not democratically vented. Maybe that was his point?

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