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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Slate's feature "In Other Magazines" (IOM) noted the other day: "Time and CNN, however, kindly polled the populace: 54 percent of Americans are pro, 38 percent are against. Also, the poll notes, younger demographics are more pro-war than their elders, but the piece never explores why 63 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds support military action, while only 40 percent of those over 65 agree."

I'd refer IOM to the 80+ year old woman who I sat next to on the Pittsburgh-Philadelphia train on Sunday -- a woman who had stayed 2 years in Germany with her Army husband and five children in 1957 and 1958 as part of the United States army of occupation -- who held great misgivings about the upcoming war. Or, if IOM wishes to surf the web to another magazine, to 82 year old Roger Angell's piece in the latest New Yorker.

Note to Karl Rove: Old people vote. Very important demographic in Florida, as well.

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