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Friday, March 14, 2003

Andrew Sullivan recently posed the following quickie: "THE LONELINESS OF ASIAN-AMERICAN MEN: Well, heterosexual Asian-American men, anyway. I blame all those Berkeley white guys."

The link is to a UPI article that summarizes a Census Bureau report that Asian American women marry white men at a much higher rate than Asian American men marry white women.

I don't know if I'd use this variable as a description of loneliness, though, no matter what's supposedly going on at Berkeley.

For what it's worth, Asian American men are much more likely to currently be married than the population as a whole (56.4 percent to 54.2 percent for those over 15).

(And, I don't see what's so wrong with out-of-group marriages. Among other things, it's a traditional sign of assimilation.)

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