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Thursday, April 03, 2003
House of Cards

Andrew Sullivan is at it again. Today's swipe at the New York Times concerns this following correction, which appeared in yesterday's Times:

A front-page news analysis article on Sunday about the political perils faced by President Bush over the war with Iraq misattributed a comment about Saddam Hussein's government being "a house of cards." While some American officials had used the phrase to predict a shorter conflict and a quick collapse of the Iraqi leadership, Vice President Dick Cheney was not among them.

In response, Sullivan writes the following: "Amazing. Another front page Big Lie from Raines and company. Notice also the mealy-mouthed correction. Which other "American officials" are they talking about? Somehow, I suspect, if they exist at all, they're nowhere near the senior levels - which was the point of Johnny Apple's self-parodic piece. More and more, readers are beginning to realize that Raines' NYT doesn't just spin against the Bush administration on an hourly basis. It also merrily lies to keep the propaganda war going."

It wasn't just the Times which made this mistake. If Sullivan wants to read a correction that's not "mealy-mouthed," he should read this, from today's Philadelphia Daily News. I wonder why he chose the Times' correction and not the Daily News'?

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