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Friday, May 02, 2003
Last night's landing

There's a debate going on over at Glenn Reynold's site about whether the footage of President Bush landing on the aircraft carrier will make great campaign footage for 2004.

We read statements like: "There was nothing false about it, because a carrier landing is no walk in the park. But I don't think it was a stunt. Bush is a piolt, and I'm sure he loved getting behind the controls for a brief moment - it was an expression of who Bush is, not a PR stunt."

And there are links to statements like: "I also think it did, and will, play like a mad bastard with the American people. Judging from the wails of shock and horror now rising from the usual suspects on the left, I think they think so too."

I agree with Reynolds. It's not going to play well in 2004. In fact, I'm positive the Bush administration won't even use it. Not once. They will focus on his role during the war as President... not on him as a pilot or his past life or anything else. Because, if they open this door, they know they'll have to answer questions about being a pilot and his own military service. Right now, they know the "liberal" media won't ask about it (they didn't ask in 2000, why would they ask in 2004?), so why offer them the opportunity?

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