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Saturday, July 26, 2003
Gee, thanks
Andrew Sullivan on "many Democrats": "My beef with many Democrats right now is not that they're traitors of any kind but that they have got their perspective skewed; and they need to realize more strongly that we really are fighting truly bad guys out there and our president isn't one of them."

I'm pretty sure that I'd be in Sullivan's "many Democrats" category. He's generous to believe I'm not a traitor. Gee thanks. That's not a backhanded compliment, nor is it even damning with feignt praise. Even discussing the possibility that your political opponents are traitors is a horrendous thing. We're in a democracy forgodssakes.

I don't think I have my perspective skewed. See, when "many Democrats" criticize the President, they don't think he's the enemy or a bad guy equilivant of a terrorist, they see him as one of us but someone who should be promoting a different policy.

Anybody who doesn't see this, well, has their perspective skewed.

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