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Monday, July 21, 2003
If the war in Iraq wasn't about Iraq being an immediate threat. If the war in Iraq wasn't about weapons of mass destruction. If the war in Iraq wasn't about oil. If the war in Iraq wasn't about its non-existent ties with al-Qaeda...

If the war in Iraq was genuinely about freeing the Iraqi people from fear, repression, and wonton murder...

Then, forgodsakes, why aren't we in Liberia?

WAILING WITH GRIEF, Liberians lined up 18 bloodied, mangled bodies outside the U.S. Embassy after a shell hit a U.S. diplomatic compound across the street, killing at least 25 Liberians. At least 10,000 refugees have taken refuge in an abandoned area of the compound.
The barrage of mortars began as the streets were crowded with people taking advantage of a 12-hour lull in the shelling to try to find water and supplies, the BBC reported. With more than 360 people injured, it appeared to be the bloodiest single day of fighting in three rebel attempts to take Monrovia, the capital, in the past two months.
As thousands of Liberians stood outside the compound asking when troops would come to protect them, Marines of the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team, wearing green camouflage, body armor and helmets, flew into the embassy from nearby Sierra Leone and took off carrying 23 people.

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