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Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Remembering Vincent
Over at The Corner, Kathryn Jean Lopez writes: "THIS IS SAUDI ARABIA: 2 & 4 years for murder. The husband (four years) tied up the 18-year-old maid while the wife (2 years) poured scalding hot water on their employee."

Of course, 2 & 4 years could happen here, too. Let's remember Vincent Chin. He was killed by two men... a step-father and a step-son. The step-son held Vincent and the step-father beat him with a baseball bat. The facts are undisputed. In fact, two police officers witnessed the event and both men pleaded guilty.

Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz each received three years probation and a $3,700 fine. No jail time at all. In fact, it makes the Saudia Arabia sentence seem harsh.

It's too late for Justice for Vincent Chin, but as we poke fun at others, let's keep making sure our house is in order, too.

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