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Tuesday, August 26, 2003
10 Commandments Redux
I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and am and, as far as I can predict the future, will always be a Pennsylvanian. However, I lived in Kansas for a large part of my adult life and am proud to consider myself a Jayhawk.

For what it's worth, it never bothered me that the University of Kansas seal had a great religious image on it. Check it out for yourself. It's Moses in front of the burning bush. It's supposed to symbolize man being humble before knowledge. It's a fine symbol for a university. (KU doesn't hide from the image either; it is also a large part of one of its building's archecture.) (Yeah, I know, Moses did not receive the 10 Commandements at the burning bush -- he received them much later. But it was the same person [Moses] so it has *some* relevance.)

Aside: What I never understood, however, is how the Great Seal of the State of Kansas has all those mountains in the background. I've been all around Kansas. I never saw those mountains. And if you stand on Kansas's western most boundary, you cannot see the Rocky mountains. And, further, yeah, I know the song with the purple mountain majesties line, but they these mountains just don't exist. Unless I'm missing something big (like a mountain range somewhere in the Sunflower State), this is false advertizing.

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