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Tuesday, August 26, 2003
Conclusions not matching the data?
Much of this article about Wesley Clark is pretty humorous (in an ironic way). Two lines in particular stand out:

"But an unexpected bolt from the blue suddenly ignited Clark’s life, turning mediocrity into a skyrocket ride that could yet land him in the Oval Office."

Mediocrity? At this point, the article has already listed his: (1) placing first in his class at West Point, (2) his being awarded a Rhodes Scholarship, (3) his successful completion of a master's degree at Oxford, (4) his Purple Heart, (5) his Silver Star, (6) his two Bronze Stars, and (7) his White House Fellowship. We should all be so mediocre.

"“Known by those who’ve served with him as the ‘Ultimate Perfumed Prince,’” writes veteran military combat soldier and journalist Col. David Hackworth about Gen. Wesley Clark, “he’s far more comfortable in a drawing room discussing political theories than hunkering down in the trenches where bullets fly and soldiers die.”"

See above vid. his Purple Heart, his Silver Star, his two Bronze Star, and, what hasn't been mentioned (by me but was in the article) his being wounded in action four times. But, yeah, I'm sure they're both right (both the person quoted and the author of the article who did the quoting in implicit agreement with the statement)... who wouldn't be more comfortable in a drawing room than in a trench. That doesn't mean Clark did not do his duty when he was called upon. And he did it heroically.

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