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Thursday, August 07, 2003
Preach it, Al!
Al Gore today at NYU:

If the 21st century is to be well-started, we need a national agenda that is worked out in concert with the people, a healing agenda that is built on a true national consensus. Millions of Americans got the impression that George W. Bush wanted to be a healer, not a divider, a president devoted first and foremost to honor and integrity. And yet far from uniting the people, the president's ideologically narrow agenda has seriously divided America.

His most partisan supporters have launched a kind of civil Cold War against those with whom they disagree.

And as for honor and integrity, let me say this. We know what that phrase was all about.

But hear me well, not as a candidate for any office, but as an American citizen who loves my country, for eight years, the Clinton- Gore administration gave this nation honest budget numbers, an economic plan with integrity that rescued the nation from debt and stagnation, honest advocacy for the environment, real compassion for the poor, a strengthening of our military -- as recently proven -- and a foreign policy whose purposes were elevated, candidly presented and courageously pursued in the face of scorched-earth tactics by the opposition. That is also a form of honor and integrity.

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