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Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Saying one thing then saying you said something else
Today's example: John Derbyshire.

First he says that he's entertaining the idea that homosexuality should be criminalized. Or, in his words: "I have always thought that the criminalization of homosexual acts was both foolish, and inhumane, and un-Christian. I am no longer so sure."

Then he takes aim at someone who desires clairification on what he said (wondering if his words were an incitement to violence) by replying: "Only if you are the kind of hysterical moron who believes that the failure of a person whole-heartedly to 'celebrate' your lifestyle can fairly be described using the verb 'to bash.'"

Mr. Derbyshire, you didn't just not celebrate homosexuals, you said that, perhaps, they should be arrested and punished (the definition of criminalization). Either stand by what you wrote or retract it. Don't confuse the issue by sating one thing then saying you said something else. Don't try to play the good guy.

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