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Monday, March 18, 2002
Making the world safe for democracy
The Washington Post reports that Tipper Gore has decided not to run for Senate, after "consulting" with her family and other Democrats.
She said that although it "would be such an honor to work for the people of Tennessee," she had decided the time was not right to launch her political career.
Translation: Her staff did a poll and found that Gary Condit was more popular in the Levy household than the Gores are in Tennessee.

The Times also notes that
Tipper Gore's decision brought relief to many of the former vice president's supporters. They feared that if she ran and lost the Senate race, her husband would have a more difficult time mounting another presidential bid in 2004.
On the other hand, if she ran and won the Senate race, her husband would have an even more difficult time mounting another presidential bid. Can you imagine a president married to a sitting senator? It might create a conflict of interest or three. "Honey, how are you going to vote on my Supreme Court nominee?" "Remember when I asked you to take out the garbage and you said no?"

On the third hand, does it really matter? Unless Al's "presidential bid" is for the presidency of Harvard, is there anybody operating under the delusion that he has a chance to defeat George Bush? Certainly, two years is an eternity in politics, where many things can happen, but "Al Gore being elected president" doesn't count as one of them.

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