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Monday, March 25, 2002
Reason #4,241,516 to be a libertarian...
The Washington Post reports on Maryland's efforts to make us "safer" by increasing the scope of law enforcement powers.
"I realize that this bill basically says you can tap someone's phone for jaywalking, and normally I would say, 'No way,' " said Del. Dana Lee Dembrow (D-Montgomery). "But after what happened on September 11th, I say screw 'em."
Well, that's principled leadership for you. But surely extreme measures are justified, right? Well, not exactly:
In January, Gov. Parris N. Glendening (D) formed a task force to pull a wide range of initiatives into one bill. Several of the task force proposals have since been stripped away by uneasy lawmakers, including restrictions that would have prevented foreign nationals from holding driver's licenses if their visas had expired.
Ah. So people who aren't even in the country legally may drive legally in Maryland. They should just avoid jaywalking. Gotcha.

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