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Monday, September 23, 2002
Equal opportunity
"Why do they hate us?" That's the question posed by the Blame America First crowd. But Tim Blair points out that they don't.
ACCORDING TO the conventional unwisdom of the anti-Americanistas, the US must examine why it is so hated by Islamic extremists. After all, they point out, the extremists don't hate anyone else.

Except they do. They hate Italians, for example, as this LA Times piece – quoting wiretaps of Milan-based al Qaeda goons – indicates:

"I want to eliminate these pigs, these swine," Ben Soltane said. He told Es Sayed that he despised everything about Italy: "I hate the people, I hate the documents .... I want to go anywhere else."
And they're not so keen on Russians, either.
The Chomskys of the world want us to believe that President Bush's statements about how Muslim fundamentalists hate freedom are too simplistic. They want us to believe that 9/11 and other such terrorism is a reaction to specific U.S. policies. They want us to believe that it's the result of oppression. They tell us to listen to what the terrorists are saying. Well, we are.

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