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Thursday, November 28, 2002
In our name
I meant to post this last week, but Thanksgiving might be an even more appropriate time. Vincent Ferrari has put together a little pledge to let people know that signing petitions doesn't have to be a wacky leftist thing. I know that not all of my friends agree that the U.S. should get involved around the world, but I think most can agree that we shouldn't be afraid to stand up for ourselves. At a time when death threats are issued against newspaper editors, someone needs to say that freedom isn't a western value; it's a human value. At a time when humanitarian workers are murdered, someone needs to say that defending liberty isn't insensitive. At a time when terrorist attacks happen almost every day, someone needs to say that self-defense isn't illegal or immoral, and that appeasement isn't the more "sophisticated" approach. Vincent has done that.

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