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Tuesday, December 17, 2002
Maybe he should join the Council of Concerned Citizens
No wonder Canada took so long to put Hezbollah on their list of terrorist groups. One of my readers alerts me to this story (and now I see that Damien Penny links to it also), in which a "respected Saskatchewan Indian leader" praises Hitler.
In comments one local Jewish leader described as unfortunate, David Ahenakew, a senator with the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN), a former chief of the organization and a former chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), said the Nazi leader was trying to clean up the world during the war.

"The Jews damn near owned all of Germany prior to the war," Ahenakew said in an interview.

"That's how Hitler came in. He was going to make damn sure that the Jews didn't take over Germany or Europe.

"That's why he fried six million of those guys, you know. Jews would have owned the goddamned world. And look what they're doing. They're killing people in Arab countries."
I wonder if he'd apply the same logic to the treatment of Indians in the Americas. Were they a "disease" to be gotten "rid of?" Somehow I suspect he might not. Of course, in Canada, such speech might well constitute a crime (i.e., hate speech) -- thank god for the first amendment, since I hate lots of people -- but that's somewhat beside the point. Let's see whether he gets the Trent Lott treatment, or whether only speech against the right kind of minorities receives condemnation.

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