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Thursday, March 27, 2003
Not-so-strange bedfellows
Even though Iraq and Iran are bitter enemies, and even though Iran is officially neutral in this conflict, the Iranian dictatorship is rooting for Saddam Hussein. And the Iranian public is annoyed:
"Some media coverage of the war gives the impression of defending (Iraq's) Ba'ath regime," Rajabali Mazroui, a pro-reform parliamentarian, was quoted as saying in a newspaper. "State media are not safeguarding our national interests."

One analyst who asked not to be named said: "Iranian television has become like Iraqi television. Its reports about the war obviously take the side of the Iraqi regime."

Many viewers are tuning to Western radio and television instead. "Why should I watch Iranian television when it is trying to brainwash me with its one-sided coverage?" said Ali, a 33-year-old engineer.
American leftists may sneer at the neocon Middle East domino theory, but it seems as if the Iranian government may be more savvy in this regard. They know that the liberation of Iraq poses a danger to their own regime.

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