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Monday, May 19, 2003
I think I see the problem
From a New York Times sob story about a poor city worker who is getting laid off:
"I always thought when my time was right, I would get my promotion and my raise," said Ms. Gourdine, 47, of the Bronx. "But this is terrible. My father was a civil servant, a bus driver. I come from an era that believed when you get into city government you're secure. You don't have to ever worry when you work for the city."
And said without any sense of irony.  Yes, it's sad for this woman that she lost her job -- but when municipal workers believe that government jobs should be guaranteed lifetime employment, that might illustrate why government doesn't work quite as well as we'd hope.

Speaking of media bias, by the way, when can we expect sob stories in the Times about small businesses driven out of the city by high taxes and/or overregulation?

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